Thursday, June 4, 2015

Quilt Show Disappointment

Lethbridge, Alberta                   High 72 Low 46

Yesterday we went to the Nature Trail with Cindy’s mom and sister.  We had a pretty good walk and saw one deer as we went along. We arrived at the Nature Center and saw several displays including one of the flights of the Monarch Butterflies. They also had a very large gopher snake. They had its shed skin on display and it was over 7 feet long. The snake is 7 years old and has been in captivity all its life. Sorry, no pictures of the snake.

Today we went to the Quilt show at the Lethbridge University. Part of it was free and the part we had to pay for we found out, we weren’t allowed to take any photos. This is the first quilt show we have been to that didn’t allow pictures. When we questioned them about it, their response was that there is a book you can buy with all the photos. We looked at the book and most didn’t show the quilting. At that point we asked for our entrance fee back. The free part was nice, as was the vendor area which was around the gym above the quilt show, but the number of vendors was very small compared to the show in Salt Lake City. There were several places where we could peek through the curtains and look down on the quilt show. We thought the show would be huge, but found out the paid part is probably the size of the show in Quartzsite, if that large. The free part was probably larger than the actual show.

I have included a lot of the quilts we were allowed to take pictures of on this post. These are the ones we liked the best.

There seemed to be one of these from every Provence, all quilted differently.

The Butterflies goes right along with what we saw yesterday

One whole section had a wind theme.

We got back to the RV Park a lot sooner than we expected and when I walked up to the office; my credit card was waiting for me. When I opened it, I found out they had only issued an emergency card good for two months, but we plan on being out of Canada before it expires.

Tomorrow we head toward Lake Louise.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Those are some gorgeous quilts ... I've never seen a show with themes! Seems the last few shows I've been to in the US, they haven't allowed photography either!! Something about how I'm stealing their designs!!