Friday, June 26, 2015

We’re Nearly Back To North Dakota

Weyburn, Saskatchewan              High 81 Low 52

This is Thursday's post because of lack of Wi-Fi last night.

Yesterday we drove from Rocky Mountain House to Medicine Hat, Alberta. We had a pleasant drive with a 30 minute delay for road construction a few miles from the main highway that goes to Calgary. When we got to Medicine Hat we had intended to stay at Walmart, but where it was supposed to be was an empty building. When we left this morning, we found out there was a new Walmart a little further down the road.

Cindy spotted a large empty lot by a casino, so we asked them if we could stay and were told sure. It was right next to the main highway and was kind of noisy all night.

On the way here, I noticed a lot of police men with cars and trucks stopped and noticed one about a mile ahead of us in our direction. I had noticed signs in Canada that said you had to slow to 60 KM when passing stopped police or tow trucks with flashing lights. In Utah that means get over to the other lane of travel, or if you can’t get over then slow down. I moved over and followed a car past the stopped officer. All of a sudden I noticed flashing light wanting me to stop. The officer then informed me that anyone passing flashing lights irregardless of which lane, has to slow down to 60 (about 37 mph). He said he clocked me going 90 (about 58). I told him the law in Utah and that I was just following the other car. He said he understood and thought that was the reason when he saw the Utah plate, so he just had a nice chat and let me go without even asking for my license. He did tell me not to do it again.

We left this morning and drove through a new to us province: Saskatchewan. We stopped at Walmart in Weyburn. It should be a little quieter than last night because it is further from the main highway.

Tomorrow we have about an hour ride to the US boarder and another hour to the first large town in North Dakota. I don’t know yet where we will end up tomorrow night, hopefully with no brushes with the law. We get a new state tomorrow.

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  1. Surprised you didn't stop in here for a night. You pretty much drove right by us at Swift Current.

    1. Sorry, we didn't know exactly where you are and it didn't show up on our map. Hopefully next time.

  2. Make sure you visit Medora and the musical show. It's worth every penny. Forget the pitchfork steaks and go with a burger.