Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Changeable Weather

Wilderness Village RV Park Rocky Mountain House, Alberta        High 66 Low 43

The day started out very nice with no clouds. At about 10:00 it got as warm as the day would get. I cleaned a lot of the bugs off the trailer and the front of the truck,

At about noon it started to get cloudy and got a cold wind with it. Then it started to hail and rain, and did it ever rain. We heard on TV that they have had about 4 inches of rain in the last two day.

We got some pictures of all the hail. It looks a lot like snow.

Then about 5:00 the sun came out and it got fairly nice, although cool. Right now, about 7:00, the sky is clouding up again and looks like we could get more thundershowers.

Tomorrow we are headed toward Saskatchewan. We aren’t sure how far we will drive, but maybe to Medicine Hat. It kind of depends on when we get away and how soon I get tired of driving.

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