Tuesday, June 9, 2015

We’re in British Columbia

Dawson City, British Columbia        High 75 Low 46

Our last night at Camp Walmart in Hinton at about 10:30 at night there was a beautiful sunset that reminded me of the ones we get to see in Arizona.

We had to go see the fabric store in Hinton before we left. Of course they had some material that Cindy wants to make a quilt from, but because of the price, she is going to wait until we get back to the US to even look for it.
There was a second hand store across from the fabric store that I had to have Cindy’s picture sitting on their bench.
Yesterday morning we left Hinton with the intention of staying in Grande Prairie but the wind picked up so much we decided to stay in Grande Cache. We stopped at the Visitor Information Centre at the edge of town. It really is a small town. We asked if we could stay the night because we didn’t want to drive in the wind. We were told that normally they don’t allow overnight stays but no one would bother us and they didn’t. The wind stayed pretty strong until about 8:00 last night and then died down.

There were a lot of displays inside and out and we got some pictures of the old look-out buildings and a little history of Grande Cache.

 We both thought the Spirit House was interesting.

Replica cache.

I couldn’t post last night because of lack of Wi-Fi.
By the time we went to bed there were a total of 4 RVs staying overnight and sometime during the night a tanker truck also stopped.

We left fairly early and the first thing going out of town is a very steep downgrade that goes on for over 3 miles. We got behind a logging truck that was going down slowly, which was alright with us.  

After the steep downgrade, the rest of the way to Grande Prairie was a very nice day. The roads were mostly good but we ran into some construction that had the highway down to one lane and we had to stop on a steep uphill section. The truck really had to work getting started going up the hill. Linda was in front and had a large rock break the windshield on her motorhome going through the construction. I had a rock chip repair kit with me, and after we got here, I patched the chip. It is so large, I’m not sure it won’t spread, but at least we tried.

We both filled up in Grande Prairie because gas in BC is supposed to be a lot more. Here it is 15 cents per liter higher than I paid. I paid the equivalent of $2.90 per gallon US in Grande Prairie. Here it figures out to be $3.35 per gallon, which is still a lot less than it was 2 years ago and then the US and Canadian dollar were par, not the present 20% difference. (US$ is worth more than Canadian).

We got to Grande Prairie and had to go to the fabric store. Cindy found some material that was selling for $4.00 per meter. With the US dollar being worth than Canadian, it made the material very inexpensive.

We stopped at the Visitor Centre in Beaverlodge to take pictures of the giant beaver and have lunch. We also got pictures inside and Cindy remembered the Tea Room from 2 years ago. The people in the Centre are very nice and gave us a little info about how the Visitor Centre used to be the town hospital until about 60 years ago. We liked it so much last time that we felt it was worth another stop this time.

Cindy' mom by the giant beaver.

Stained glass window in the tea room.
 We are now at Camp Walmart, along with a lot of other RVs here in Dawson Creek.

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