Monday, June 22, 2015

Near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

Wilderness Village at Crimson Lake    72 Low 45

We left Hinton fairly early this morning. We had sun and nice weather all the way.

Cindy didn't get any pictures, she told me the landscape all looked the same--Trees everywhere. She keeps telling me that she likes it a lot better than the deserts of Utah. I give her a bad time about not being able to see the scenery for all the trees.

We were on Canadian Highway 16 a lot of the way and got to see a lot of muskeg, swampy places along the road where the trees look stunted.

We got checked in and they let us pick our site and then come back to the office and tell them which one we took. We picked one by the Lodge because of the internet. We stayed at this same park two years ago on the way to Alaska. The only big draw-back is no sewer at any of the sites, just a dump station on the way out.

After we got hooked up, I went into Rocky Mountain House to get fuel. With the exchange rate it figures to be about $2.90 per gallon. This is a lot less than it was two years ago and $.30 per liter less than British Columbia. My auxiliary tank was empty and also took a few gallons in the main tank. I had to pre-pay and figured about $350.00 worth of fuel. As it was, I could have got a little more, but not much.The bonus was the station I picked also gave 3 1/2 cents per liter store credit, which came to a little over $11.00. The station was Extra Foods which is part of the local grocery store. I had almost 900 miles on the truck since I last filled it. It figure a little over 10 miles to the gallon in case anyone is a little interested.

So I had to spend the bonus money and got two steaks for tonight.

We are here tonight and tomorrow and are just going to relax tomorrow and then head to Saskatchewan, and then on to North Dakota.

Sorry no pictures this time.

Thanks for visiting.

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