Sunday, June 7, 2015

Columbia Ice Fields to Hinton

Hinton, Alberta                   High 76 Low 52

After we left the Ice Fields Centre we caught up to some of the runners that had passed us while we were checking out the Centre. The road from the Ice Centre to almost Jasper was in very bad shape and Cindy made me go slow to protect her back. She even had Linda go in front for a while to slow me down.
The jeep with the yellow sign in the back window is with one of the runners crew.

Lots of wild flowers out.

As we got closer to Jasper the road got much better and I went in front for a while. That is how I missed seeing the bear.

We did see some rafters going down the white water rapids on the river next to the road and Cindy was able to get one Picture.
You can tell from the color of the water that the river is glacier fed. we saw 3 rafts.
After we got past Jasper, we got to see some big horn sheep on the rocks and stopped for a little while and took their picture. They were good enough to pose for us. LOL Cindy told me she saw 2 large animals on the side of the road and couldn’t tell whether they were elk or caribou. I wasn’t able to stop in time to get their picture so we kept going.

This shaggy one was climbing down the steep rocks and was very agile.

We arrived at Camp Walmart and the sign says RVs welcome, but only for one night and don’t unhook trailers. I needed fuel and we wanted to stay for 2 nights, so I talked to Customer Service in Walmart. I was told that the signs were put up by the Mall people and since they weren’t there on weekends, they thought we wouldn’t have any problem. In fact he told me that as long as we weren’t staying more than a month of two there shouldn’t be any problem.
The red car is Linda's. The next two are from Pennsylvania headed for Alaska.
There were a lot of RVs here with several headed toward Alaska. They left early this morning.

There were a lot of semis here overnight and it was a very noisy. If that had been a real problem, there is an IGA store about a mile further down the road that has a special area for RVs and doesn’t allow trucks. Both Walmart and the IGA have free Wi-Fi. I don’t know how good the other stores Wi-Fi is, but the service here at Walmart is excellent right in our trailer.

Tomorrow morning we will be using Canadian Tires free RV dump and water. It is located right next to Walmart and looks to be an easy place to get to.

We are heading to Grand Prairie tomorrow and will stay there or near there until we have reservations in Chetwynd, BC where the Chainsaw competitions are being held. 

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  1. We did the ice fields parkway in late August of 2006 and it snowed. We just about froze!

    I would not have enjoyed your Camp Walmart...too busy for me!