Monday, May 4, 2015

Change of Plans

Riverton, Utah           High 72 Low 52

Our plan was to go to Grants Pass Oregon to have the disc brakes put on the Trailer. After that we are going to see my daughter, Sabrina’s, new home near Sandpoint, Idaho. We then planned on heading east.

Cindy’s sister, Linda, called and asked if we would travel to Canada with her and her mother. She thinks this might be her mother’s last trip, since she is 85 and not in the best of health. They want to go to Prince Rupert, British Columbia and then to Hyder, Alaska. Their idea is to meet us in Sandpoint on about June 1.

Cindy doesn't have her renewal passport yet, and we called the passport people and were told it might get her before the first of June, but might not. If she doesn't get it back in time for Linda to go, we might still not be able to go with them.

I called Henderson Line-up in Grants Pass which is the place MorRyde said was qualified to do the disc brake conversion. I was quoted the price that MorRyde wanted to do the brake and individual suspension conversion. I don’t think I want to do both, just the disc brakes. By the time I called them back to see about what they had found out MorRyde was closed and they couldn't check on the price. If it turns out they want as much as they quoted, I’m not going to have the conversion done at this time.

I did get the tires on the truck. I decided on BF Goodrich 50,000 mile guarantee tires. 

Meanwhile, I finished quilting Cindy’s Shadowbox quilt (the one we started in Surprise). Cindy wanted an  edge to edge leaf pattern. I think it turned out looking nice.

The plan right now is to leave next Tuesday for either Grants Pass or Sandpoint.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. We got our passports last year and it took less than three weeks, closer to two weeks if I am not mistaken. Good luck...we are going up to Alaska ourselves....leaving in a couple of weeks from Sacramento area.

  2. It's beautiful!! I just love those colors!!! Time for more fabric!!! LOL