Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New Fridge is In

Riverton, Utah             High 79 Low 50

The weather is getting warmer. Last night was almost too warm to sleep. I’m probably going to turn on the AC tonight.

Monday I took the truck in for a leaking rear caliper. While they had it, they change both sides and put in a new fuel filter. The mechanic said it looked to him like I might have got the brakes a little hot. I’m going to have to give a lot more consideration to putting disc brakes on the trailer.

Yesterday Penny got her micro-chip. For the size of the needle, she was really pretty good. When we got to the vets, she acted like she could remember last week with all the shots and didn't want to go in. But I am a lot bigger than her, so I prevailed.

Lowe's delivered the new fridge yesterday afternoon. Everything fit as expected, but…….I had not given enough thought to where I put my lower anchor straps and had to move one of them over so the wheel could sit on it. It took me quite a while with the fridge in the way, but I finally got it done. This morning I had to get some bolts to replace the leveling feet to anchor it down on the bottom. I had bent up a bracket out of 16 gauge metal to anchor the back, and it worked like a charm. I put on some top straps to help stabilize the top, but I don’t know if they were really necessary. We made up some Velcro straps to hold the doors shut while we are traveling and they seem to do a good job.

You can see the top strap. I cut and drilled it to fit.

I had to move this strap about an inch to the right.

These straps hold the door securely.

Part of the choice for Frigidaire was that it fit through the door with the fridge doors off. 

Where the vent was on the back of the fridge is, I cut a piece of quarter inch plywood which covered the hole that I could screw in place from the outside. Then I put a piece of fiberglass insulation over that and put the vent back on. If we ever need to get at the back of the fridge, just take the cover off, remove the insulation and two screws and there is the back of the fridge.

I also moved the fridge electrical from the main panel to the inverter panel. When I turned the inverter on with the fridge on, the meter jumped to 132 amps for less than a second, and then dropped down to 7 amps. I think we will be fine boon-docking.

I only have two more to-dos before we can leave, get the tax sheet typed and to the accountant, and I still have to get new tires on the truck. I’m still not sure which tires to get. Anybody have any suggestions as to what brand? Michelin seems to have the best guarantee, and I have read of problems with Good Year.

We are staying until the Salt Lake Quilt Show and Mother’s Day. Also Penny has some booster shots on May 12th and then we think we will be off. 

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  1. I know everyone who has a household fridge uses velcro straps, or something similar to keep the doors closed. Maybe it's just my particular fridge, but I have nothing on the doors and they stay closed just fine. It does have two doors split in the middle however. If I ever have to replace mine, I'll give you a call!!! LOL

  2. 79/50 - too warm to sleep? We have definitely been running the air during the day but we sure don't need it at night. The fridge looks good. Jim runs Cooper tires on the truck and loves them. Jan and Bill put disc brakes on their trailer and really like them.

  3. We just put Michelins on our motorhome...used Discount Tires because of their many locations throughout the U.S., and got the $22 three year replacement for each. Balance and Rotation is lifetime, much like Walmart.

    Good job on the fridge! --Dave