Friday, April 10, 2015

Warm Friday

Surprise, Arizona              High 84 Low 57

Today was another warm day.

This morning we went to a few yard sales. Cindy found some necklaces for a price she was willing to pay. That was all we bought.

After we came back, we went to the sewing room and laid out the Shadow Box quilt we started. We got all the vertical rows put together and then found out we were short a little of the sashing fabric. I had to go back to Bob’s and buy another half yard of the light batik we were short.

Cindy got a few pictures of the Park including a picture of the pond in front of the office. There were turtles sunning themselves and ducks also. This Park is huge with about 1200 sites, with most of them park models.

We went swimming yesterday and counting us there were only 4 people in the pool. A lady that was in the pool told us it was a big change from two weeks ago. She told us that on some days there were so many people in the pool, that you could hardly find a place to stand. Most of the activities have been suspended for the summer.
One of the ladies from the Park was working on an applique floral quilt.
They also told us that during the winter the sewing room has a lot of women working on different projects. Now we have only had 3 or 4 besides us. It’s so warm that a lot of people have gone north for the summer.

Tomorrow evening we go to the wedding. We will just rest Sunday and head toward home on Monday.

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  1. Looks like a beautiful park. Less people in the pool the better.

  2. Our park is getting emptier every day. Love that duck picture. Safe travels north.