Sunday, April 26, 2015

Getting Ready For The New Fridge

Riverton, Utah       High 54 Low 37

The last few days have been on the cool side. Yesterday it rained most of the day and today started out with a light rain, but it now has quit. The weather guessers say we have warmer weather coming up.

Yesterday we went to two yard sales and again, did OK.

The first was to the same lady selling fabric. Cindy wanted to see if she had put out some other colors that she needed, but wasn't able to find any. She did get two more colors for her Santa Pause quilt. So it was still good that we went back.

The second one was the best one. An elderly lady was selling her house and had her whole basement filled with boxes of stuff. Her son was pricing what you wanted, or telling people what was not for sale. We picked out several DVDs, a little bit of fabric (of which there was lots, but most was not very good for quilting), and Cindy found an Iris Depression glass plate and 4 goblets, which we collect. The man pulled some of the DVDs and a Tupperware pitcher that we had picked up. We kept the fabric one DVD and the 5 Iris pieces, and charged us $5.00. When we got home we looked up the book price on the Iris and it showed $140.00, not that we would sell it anyway. We were happy with our purchases.

Chris and one of his friends came over in the afternoon and helped me get the Norcold fridge out of the fiver. Then I went to work enlarging the opening for the new Frigidaire 18 Cubic foot refrigerator we had decided on. The new one is about 2 inches taller and 2 inches narrower than the old one. I have had it ready since Wednesday, but they weren't able to help until yesterday.

The storage above the opening had to be shortened 2 inches.

In our trailer the fridge is 20 inches off the floor. It sits over the water heater and furnace. We have a cabinet over it, and I had to raise the bottom of the cabinet up 2 inches. It turned out to be easier than I thought it would be. By last night I had all the cabinet work finished except for a little varnish.

We then went back to Lowes to get measurements of the bottom of the fridge so I can put in straps to hold the new fridge in place. We also changed our delivery date from Wednesday to Tuesday for delivery of the new one. I still have to change the electrical from RV type outlet to residential, which I think is much safer. Also I need to get the straps mounted to secure the fridge. None of that will take very long, so I know I can be ready for Tuesday’s delivery.

The trouble with these outlets is that the wires just push into groves with very little contact on the wires. Mac the Fire Guy showed us some that had got so hot, that they were burned and black.

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  1. Good job. Looking forward to seeing the new fridge in place.

  2. Good for you peace of mind as you travel.