Friday, April 3, 2015

End of Bead Week and Yappy Hour

Congress, Arizona             High 84 Low 59

Today was the last day of bead week. Cindy was busy and seemed to have a lot of fun. She finished 2 bracelets and got started on 2 others. She went for a walk tonight and when she got back the bracelet she was wearing was gone. It must have slipped off her hand, but she wasn't able to find it.
This is one of the bracelets she didn't get finished.

This is the one she finished that she later lost. ps: She found it on the floor.
Last night she took a class on making a necklace and I helped her. It took a while, but we were able to finish it before we had to leave the activity center.
Here I am helping Cindy string beads.

This is the necklace we finished.
This afternoon we took Penny to the dog park for yappy hour. At one time there were probably 10 dogs running around playing with each other. Whenever a new dog came to the park a lot of the dogs barked in greeting. All the owners sit around and gab for about an hour.

These dogs are barking at a new comer.

Penny playing with a ball.
We had a dinner tonight with the beaders. We had lots of time to visit with the other people at our table.

This evening there was another beautiful sunset.

On the other side of the valley there was a bright full moon.
We will just kind of hang out for 2 days and then we are headed to an RV Park in Surprise for a week.

Thanks for visiting.

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