Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Way Too Hot

Way Too Hot
Las Vegas, Nevada               84 Low 54

Yesterday we drove from Surprise to Las Vegas. I had called the Duck Creek RV Park earlier and was told they didn't have any spaces, but I decided to call again when we got close to see if they had any spaces available and was told they did, so that’s where we landed.

We were planning on only staying here one night, but high winds were predicted for all day today and part of tomorrow, so we will stay here until Thursday morning before continuing toward Salt Lake.

When we got here it was in the nineties, way hotter than we like, but better than the snow that is supposed to come down tonight and tomorrow through Utah. We had to have one of the AC’s on all night. It turned off part of the night and then came back on. Tonight it has cooled off nicely.

Last night we met Tammy and Stephanie and their kids at the Bellagio Hotel to look at the Chihuly glass and their gardens. The lobby is very well decorated. The indoor garden and lobby have lots of flower blossom arraignments. Someone told us that all the glass cost the Hotel millions of dollars.

Giant Chihuly chandelier.

There are over 2000 of these hand blown "pedals".

We then went outside and watched the light and water show in the large pool in front of the Hotel. We stayed for 3 shows and they were all different.
The Eiffel Tower across the road from the Bellagio. 

Tammy and two of the grand kids.

Stephanie, Teesa, Taidan, Ray.
Today we went to one quilt store and looked at all the quilts hanging on the walls. I talked to the owner for a little while and he told me there are only two quilt stores left in all of Las Vegas and the surrounding area. Cindy says it is because it is so warm here than no one needs quilts on their beds.

I’m not sure what we will do tomorrow, other than watch the wind blow.

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  1. Cool glass display.. I used to do stained glass in one of my former lives... LOL