Saturday, April 18, 2015

Today We Scored!

Riverton, Utah                 High 64 Low 54

Today was a nice sunny day with no wind. It was a perfect day to go to yard sales.

The first one we went to was a quilter that was selling part of her stash. Cindy was looking through the different materials and got all excited. She has a pattern for a Santa quilt that she has been looking for the necessary fabrics for quite a while. In the material the lady was selling was most of the material for the quilt. She bought what she could remember that she needed, and when we got home she got out the pattern. What she had bought was exactly the right material, but she remembered seeing some of the colors she hadn't bought. So back we went, this time with the colored pattern and got a few more pieces of material. She says she now has enough to finish the quilt. She told me she has been looking for those fabrics for several years.

At another yard sale, Cindy was looking at a Coldwater Creek jacket that she liked (she has one like it, but it is a little small). When she asked the lady how much, the lady replied “I’m trying to get rid of stuff, so find as many things as you can find that fit, and I will charge you one dollar.” With that she loaded up my arms until I couldn't easily carry any more. A lot of the clothes are name brand. We figure we paid about a nickel per item. Some of the things still had price tags on them.

When we got home Cindy tried most of the clothes on and they fit OK. Needless to say, she was very happy with today’s Yard sales.

I also got one of my to-does finished. Our dryer in our home had quit working while we were gone, and I checked it out and found the part that was bad and got it repaired. Cindy has been overdoing on the yard work, but got quite a lot of it done. The problem is she is now hurting.

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  1. Guess we are going to have to attend more garage sales, the ones I seem to go to have way more junk than any "scores!" Congratulations on your finds!