Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Getting Some Honey-does Done

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I've been busy since I got home and can hardly wait to get underway again. Monday I went to Home Depot and got some paint and masking tape so I could paint the outside door jambs on our home. Fourteen years seem to have taken their toll on the paint, especially the ones facing west. Some of them were a little more protected than others and weren't so bad, but they all needed a paint job.

Yesterday I took Penny to the Veterinarian to have her checked out and to get whatever shots she needed. She has gained a little weight since we had her weighed last. The last time she weighed 3.6 pounds. Yesterday she was up to 4.4 pounds. We wanted to get a chip put in her, but they were out and had to order one for us, which should be in Friday. She has been coming into heat for the last week and I wanted to ask the Vet about his advice on breeding. He told me he would wait until she is 2 years old if then. He did say that small dogs are more prone to problems having pups, so we will have to decide when or if we get her bred.
Here's Penny in what seems to be her favorite spot.
I got a start on the painting yesterday afternoon. I really got most of it done today since Devon was home and he wanted to help. He did help a lot. We got all the door frames painted and they do look better. Hopefully they last as long this time as they did the first time.

I have been looking into replacing our fridge in the fifth wheel for a residential fridge. So far, from the measurements, we are leaning toward an 18 cubic foot Frigidaire, but I’m going to wait until I get the old one out to make a final decision. I’m half-way afraid of the Norcold we have, after seeing all the pictures of burned up trailers and motor-homes. From the measurement of the Frigidaire, it will fit through the door without any problems. It is taller than the Norcold and some cabinet modification will be necessary.

We still haven’t worked on our taxes, but we have till September to get them in. Really we want to do it as soon as possible and that will be one of our first to-dos.

Cindy finished the quilt top that we started in Surprise. It joined the pile of tops that I still have to quilt.
She made it king size. It is all batiks.

Quite a stack of tops.
Tomorrow I will probably start taking the fridge out.

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