Tuesday, November 1, 2022


 Riverton, Utah           High 63 Low 46

It is quite warm for the time of year. It is supposed to get really windy this afternoon with more of the awful four letter word tomorrow, they are predicting maybe 3 inches of snow. Why are we still here and not in Yuma? 

A few of the neighbors really get into Halloween. One has won first in several Halloween contests. We went to see some of them and got some pictures of them all lit up.

The last one has a square box you look into the top and it looks like it goes down forever. It is done with mirrors and is pretty neat.

Penny got her hair cut in preparation to go to Yuma and has been freezing. Hopefully we get the leaves falling so we can go.

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  1. We got quite a bit of snow here, so I'm sure you did too. Poor Penny ... maybe she needs a new quilt jacket!!!