Saturday, December 22, 2018

Parade In Our Park

Yuma, Arizona                High 72 Low 48

The day started off a little cool but soon warmed up till it was very nice. Ah, another day in paradise!

Today we had what is called The Santa Claws Parade. All the dogs are invited to join in the Parade around our Park. Also golf carts are decorated and also parade around with the dogs.

Again, we had a good turn-out.

Santa was here to meet the people and dogs and we get to have free pictures from the professional photographer that lives here in the Park.

 This is our neighbor and her trailer load of Bassets. Here daughter has 9 Bassets and one black Lab which are all rescues from the Humane Society. After she gets them she becomes so attatched that she won't give them up. I think it is a few too many dogs.

Before the parade starts we are all invited to join in for free doughnuts.

Penny is afraid of the larger dogs and the golf carts so we get to ride on the float (actually a large trailer with bales of straw covered in plastic to sit on).

All the participants have a lot of fun waving to all the spectators as we drive through the Park.

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  1. Another fun day in Paradise Gotta love it.

  2. Aww that Penny is so cute!! It looks like a fun day. Nine basset hounds? Good grief that's WAY too many. I hope they are relatively quiet!! LOL