Friday, December 14, 2018

Trivia With a Twist and Light Parade Award

Yuma, Arizona               High 68 Low 49

The weather is a little cool for here but is supposed to warm up in the next few days.

We got notification today that our Palms Bike Brigade got the highest award for walking/performing entry in this years Light Parade in downtown Yuma. Good for us!

Last night we went to What was called Trivia With a Twist. Tom Wells MC'd the show with the aid of his helpers. They were costumed and everyone had a lot of fun, both the participants and the

Tom, the MC.

Tom's assistant, Ms Lilly "White" (not her real last name).

Judge Deb, Lilly, Tom, Barbara, and the scorekeeper (I don't know her name).

There were six teams of three that competed against each other with three teams each time.
Each team had a team name. The show was a cross between Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune (hence Ms. Lilly "White") with a little Let's Make a Deal thrown in.

This team had the most points and won the washer and dryer.

There were some funny trivia questions, Pictionary with the answers having to be sung, and so on.

Lilly with the stuff for the Ring Toss.

How it was supposed to work.

Draw the picture and the other team members had to sing the correct Christmas song.

Acting out Gesture with the stern Judge watching.

The last callenge was to have a cookie placed on the forehead of one of the players. They then had to get the cookie into their mouth without touching it. Only one cookie was caught.

The big winning team had to pick which prize they wanted, an envelope, a large box or what was behind a curtain.
The winners took the box which contained: a new washer (small hand wash board) and a new dryer (a clothes hanger).
The envelope contained front row seats to the next Drive- in show at Tom's Trailer.

The last prize, behind the curtain was a new Palms cup and Palms ball cap.

Only a group of old people could possibly have this much fun!

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  1. That looks like a blast!!! You have a great group of neighbors!!

  2. What fun time you had, I guess you did not get a prize.