Saturday, December 5, 2015

Free?.......It Ain’t

Yuma, Arizona             High 73 Low 48

It was a nice day in Yuma today.

A while back I talked about a free hot dog we got at Camping World. While we were there Cindy saw a Montana 5th wheel with 5 slides and said “why don’t we look at it”. After seeing the floor plan I fell in love with it and it took a while to decide we had to have one like it, so we traded in our Everest and bought the Montana. I still like the front living room, but many thousands of dollars later; it had to be the most expensive hot dog ever.

In a post I wrote a little while ago, I said that we weren’t ready to buy a Park Model in any of the RV Parks we had been in and we’ve been in a lot. Cindy has got tired of moving from Park to Park every week or so and to be honest, I’ve kind of got tired of it myself.

Last winter we went to the Good Sam Rally, and at one of the vendors I won a week at The Palms RV Resort, and we decided to see what the Park was like after our trip to the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque.  While we were here, one afternoon for entertainment, we decided to look at some of the lots and homes they had for sale and found one that we really liked. We really hadn’t thought about buying, but we both liked this home so much that we couldn’t stop thinking about it. The major difference between this Park and the others we have seen is that the property is deeded and you own the whole works and not just the home with a lease on the lot.
After a lot of consideration, we decided we would like to live in Yuma for the winter, and we made an offer on the home. We put enough down on it that the owners told us we could move in before closing and so here we are. Closing will be next Monday or Tuesday and we will be the proud owners of a home in Yuma. It came almost fully furnished and the sellers are paying the HOA fees for the next year.  The only furniture they took was the master bedroom set, but we got the mattress and springs which are now sitting on the floor. When we got here the bed was even made with freshly washed sheets. It seems that the sellers were very motivated.

The home came with everything you see with the exception of Penny.

We couldn't have got another thing in the car for this trip to Yuma!
So as I said in the title, it wasn’t free and I’ve got to stay away from the free offers.

Cindy’s Mom and Sister are going to stay with us over Christmas and I’ve got to install an RV electrical outlet so they can stay here in their motorhome. Scott and Dan are also coming down from Phoenix at Christmas.

There are enough activities to keep both of us as busy as we want to be. They are going to have beginning Spanish classes and I want to take them. Cindy waits to do some of the exercise classes.

Today I put up some fencing to keep Penny in the yard. Lately she has been trying to run and won’t stop for us. While I was doing that, Cindy put up the Christmas tree and started decorating with some of the decorations that were left with the home.

This is awfully long, so thanks for visiting.


  1. Replies
    1. We still plan on traveling in the summer, probably to Oregon and Washington. And Cindy's Mom wants to travel with us to the Redwoods in their motorhome. I think it has been good for her to have something to look forward to.

  2. Wow! I wonder what was in that hot dog?

    Good job on finding such a great house.

  3. This is just awesome!!! TWO new homes!! Congratulations! I've been thinking about a park model also ... just haven't found the right place yet!!

  4. Does the sewing machine go in the room with the day bed? But maybe with all the company coming, there won't be room..

    1. Cindy has already set up her sewing machine in this room. Only problem: we didn't have room to haul the new TV (Walmart Black Friday one).

  5. That is one fine looking house, amazing what a free hot dog does!