Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Gone To The Dogs

Yuma, Arizona         High 79 Low 52

The weather here is delightful. We are really enjoying our new Home and out time alone so far. I keep finding different things we want to change or add, but we can’t spend lots of money right now.

I’ve been taking Penny to the small dog Park every afternoon. One day I counted 14 dogs and there were a few that had already left. She was very timid at first, but has got used to all the dogs and seemed more comfortable around all the other dogs. I call the gathering Yappy Hour. All the dogs in the fenced in area all seem to bark at the new dogs coming in, even if they are the same dogs that they had seen the day before.

You can see Penny looking at all her friends.
Cindy and I have been busy since we have been here. Monday we went in and signed our lives away and closed on the new Home. Today I picked up our copies of all the paper work, of which there is a lot. It is a lot different to buy a home than when I used to build and sell them. When I sold a home, I probably only had to sign 4 or 5 times, and when you buy it feels like a large volume of paperwork.

  I also went and talked to one of the groomers and Penny has an appointment to get her hair cut tomorrow.

We didn’t have a door-bell, so I went and got a wireless one and got it installed to day. When someone knocked on the door, we couldn’t tell if it were just the wind or someone at the door. Now we will be able to tell.

Yesterday morning we went to an owners meeting where they discussed some of the changes they want to make. They also told some of us newbies some of the rules.

Last evening there was a pot luck dinner for the owners. There was a good turn-out and the food was good.

After the dinner we walked around and looked at some of the Christmas decorations. One Home had a lot of decorations, which we also saw today. When they are not lit up, it doesn’t look like much.

Another fifth wheel had an RV with Santa pulled by two reindeer. This is the first time we had seen any type of RV used as a Christmas decoration.

Sledding down the front of the fifth wheel.

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  1. Looks like you are enjoying you new home already. Nice Christmas lights.