Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Yuma, Arizona      High 73 Low 54

Today was a cloudy day with some wind. It was still warm.

I saw this truck in one of the parking lots.
Red nosed Dodge?
This morning we drove to the parking lot for Algodones. Cindy wanted to see the Christmas decorations, which were pretty much non-existent. I only saw one Christmas wreath on one of the shop doors.

When we got there the very large parking lot didn’t have near as many cars in it as has been there in the past. But we are here 6 weeks earlier than we have been in the past.

There were still as many vendors trying to sell their stuff as usual, only not as many people.

We must be too early for the vegetables and strawberries that have been for sale like we saw in the past.

Cindy wanted to see if there was any pottery for plants for sale, which there was. If we bought them, I wondered how we would get them to the car, but they assured us they would help get them to the gate, and then we could use their dollies. We didn’t buy any of them today, but will wait until next fall. I have also been told about a Mexican Flea Market here in Yuma, which we intend to check out. We wouldn’t have had room to buy any of the large pots anyway because of Cindy’s Mom’s scooter, which takes the whole trunk.
Cindy liked this one and some smaller ones to match, but we will have to wait.
While we were there we had to try out the shrimp taco’s which were as good as last time. I noticed someone eating a very large tamale and asked them how it was. The lady told me it was very good and I will probably try one next time. We noticed a few changes around the town, including a cover over the eating area. Also there was a new wall in the central part by the City building which made that area seem a lot smaller and seemed to make it more congested with all the vendors.

At one of the stores there were lots of piñatas, some of them Santa’s.

When we went to leave, there wasn’t a single person in front of us waiting for customs, so we were able to walk right through.
On the way out we got to see a man dressed like Mrs. Clause and Santa was also coming in. I took their picture and didn’t notice what Santa was up to until I looked at their picture later.

Santa's having a good time!
We had an enjoyable time visiting Algodones today.

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  1. Always love going to Algodones, hope to get there in the next week or so, now that we are here. Have a great Christmas with you company.

  2. Looks like the crowds are thinning out a bit? Or maybe waiting for some last minute shopping? Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  3. I know we were shocked when there was no one in line at customs.

    1. In the past we have waited as long as an hour and a half. It was a welcome change to just walk through.

    2. Last time I went there it took 2 1/2 hours under the canopy just to get to the fence going into the customs building.. I decided there wasn't anything in Algodonas that was worth that and I haven't been back...