Friday, December 11, 2015

Penny Got Her Haircut

Yuma, Arizona         High 70 Low 46

It's a lot cooler today and the wind picked up. I heard on the radio that 45 MPH winds were expected. The air sure is dusty.

This will be a fairly short post and I don't have any pictures.

I got a good start on putting in our RV electrical. The wire is ran in the crawl space and hooked up to a circuit breaker in the electrical panel. All I have left is the actual box on the outside of the home, which I'm hoping to paint the same color as the rest of the home. Then we will be all ready for Cindy's mom and Linda when they get here next week. For now, we are not putting in a sewer connection, but that may happen in the future.

Yesterday, early, I took Penny to the groomer's to get a hair cut. We didn't want to do it in Utah because it was so cold, but she was getting quite shaggy. I pick Waggin West to do the job because one of the other dog owners told me that the only person that cuts the dog's hair has been doing it for 35 years and Penny is very afraid to have it done. When I left her, she tried to get away from the lady and go back home with me. After we picked her up I asked her how Penny did and she told us that all she had to do was pet and talk to her and she actually laid pretty still for most of the hair cut. We have decided that maybe the other groomers just didn't take the time to calm her down. We did have the same experience in Sandpoint, Idaho with an older groomer that took time to settle Penny down.

Penny now has a lot of her original copper color back and not the white we have been seeing for the last year. She is still our spoiled baby.

Other than finishing up the electrical we don't have much planned until Linda and Cindy's Mom get here.

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  1. Nice to putter around and get things done. making progress is good.

  2. Looking forward to pictures on the new RV set up.