Saturday, January 25, 2014

Well, She Did It!

Plomosa BLM Quartzsite, Arizona High 79 Low 54

Today started out cloudy, but by noon it had cleared off and got warm. Tonight is forecast to be warmer than it has been.

This morning we decided to go check out the rock and gem show by La Mesa RV. There were a lot of vendors there with all of them pertaining to rocks. One even had a fossil of some kind of animal. I don’t know what it was, but it was kind of interesting. There was a lot of jewelry there and a lot of it looked very nice.

We went back to the place west of the main tent and Tyson Wells. We found the same lady we talked to yesterday, and Cindy had already decided she was going to make some necklaces, and bought some strands of semi-precious beads and some nice strands of rock chips. So she is serious about doing the beading thing.

 One of the vendors there had a lot of old Depression glass, and a lot of other antiques (junque?). He seemed to want a lot of money for what he had, so if we want any of it, we will stick to yard and estate sales.

We then went back to one of the booths at Tyson Wells because Cindy had seen some Aqua Marine that she liked yesterday, but no-one at the other show seemed to have. When she decides to do a new hobby, she seems to go all out.

We had to go to a place across from McDonald's to get some of the fittings she needed to get started. Now all she needs are some tools, which we will get in Yuma next week, and she is anxious to get started.
The day ended with a nice sunset, which Cindy got a few pictures of. We also got to see the motorized hang—glider come in for a landing.

 The Montana Circle keeps dwindling. We are one of 7 left out of about 60, and we are leaving tomorrow.

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  1. Way to go Cindy. I have no doubt your bead work will be as beautiful as your quilts. Good luck with the levelers tomorrow.

  2. My wife is just staring to get into beading and jewelry and found some really good instructional videos at

    Good Luck.