Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Visitors to the RV Park

Emerald Cove Resort High 70 Low 39

It was partly cloudy today, but was still a nice day with the temperature getting to 70.

This morning I washed the truck. I still had a lot of the tar on it from our trip to Alaska. When I washed it the tar remained, so we went to Parker to Wal-Mart. We need a few things there and I wanted to get some tar remover. The only thing they had was Goof-Off. It worked quite well and I got the tar off the back fenders. Now it is nice and clean.

I started to wash the top of the trailer. When I looked down we had visitors to the Park, so I got down and took a few pictures. They followed everyone looking for a hand-out. We almost thought we were back in Oatman.

They kept wanting to get too close to take a picture.

I got the top of the trailer and the slide toppers washed. All the gunk and haze in Salt Lake made the top very dirty. I also wanted the solar panels clean for when we Boondock in Quartzsite.
Rod made a comment about the large houses across the river. I wanted to put a picture of the one under construction on this post. It looks like it will be the biggest one there, and is on a bend in the river. All that to live in for a few months of the year.

The river was nice and calm, with a lot of ducks swimming. There was one lonely Mallard and a lot of others that I don’t know what kind of bird they are.

Cindy spent the day working on piecing one of her quilts, but I hadn't cut enough pieces for her to finish it.

It was kind of a laid back day for us. Thanks for visiting.


  1. You two sound like a great team. You cut and Cindy pieces!

    That house looks more like a hotel or spa. We are totally past sticks and bricks.

    We saw your 4 legged visitors last winter. They are so neat.

  2. WD-40 removes road tar from vehicles without scratching paint. You need to wash it afterwards to remove the greasy feel, then re-wax those areas.

    Love the donkeys!

  3. The black birds are mud hens or coot. They can usually be found with ducks in California and Arizona (maybe other places I haven't been). Can't believe Parker has grown so much! I used to live 60 miles west of there at the pumping station......enjoy the desert and safe travels!