Friday, January 31, 2014

Arizona Marketplace

Near Yuma, Arizona High 81 Low 53

It was cloudy all day, but still very warm, no complaints.

This morning we went into Yuma. We went to the library first to use their wi-fi for a while.
After lunch we went to the Arizona Marketplace, kind of a large swap meet. There are lots of booths divided under six long covers. Some of the places, I remember at the tent in Quartzsite.

Cindy looked at some of the jewelry and took pictures of it. She was trying to get some ideas about making her own necklaces. We came across one booth selling quilting material. They had one bolt of some south-western looking material that she liked and had to buy. She has to keep that stash going. LOL

We walked past all the booths and listened to some entertainers singing country at the food court. I think today was karaoke day, and some of the entertainers were excellent, while some were not so good, but they at least tried. They were a lot braver than I would have been.

I think he is a professional, because he filled in every time no one else sung.

We then drove to Grandma Jo’s fabric store a little way from the Market. We had been there last year and knew what to expect. Cindy had been looking for some red material to finish one of the quilts she started, and also needed a little white and some green. They had some fat-quarters and bolt ends that will work nicely, so she got enough to finish up the top she has going.

Other than that, we missed Jim and Sandi, who had stopped by to see us. They are heading back to Apache Junction tomorrow, so we will have to wait till we get to Mesa in three weeks to see them.

Again this is last night's post.

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  1. Ray, I can't believe you didn't get up there and sing. We're back and settled so we'll see you in a few weeks.