Thursday, January 2, 2014

Starting South

Near St George, Utah High 56 Low 30

Today we drove about 280 Miles. We are at the KOA in Leeds, Utah. It is a Coast to Coast Park, and is costing us $3.00 for one night. The hazy condition lasted about the first 125 miles, and then started to get a little warmer.

We made a stop at the Cheese Factory in Beaver. It is one of our favorite places to stop as we travel through this part of Utah. They always have samples of various cheeses, some of which are quite tasty. We bought a bag of fresh cheese curds. They call it squeaky cheese, because as you eat it, it seems to make a squeaky sound as you chew, but it has to be fresh and not older. There is lots of room to turn around, so stopping is no problem.

Most of the way snow still covers the fields. By the time we got to Beaver, the temperature was up to 40 degrees.

We got here at about 2:30, and it was up to 55. It felt so much nicer than what we have seen for the last month. The low is supposed to what our high has been for the last month.

Monday we were afraid we might not get to leave. Tammy called us and said that she was one her way to the emergency room, with shakes, and they were afraid she was having a heart attack. But after checking her out, they couldn't find anything wrong. She was there so long, that she was feeling better and went home. She said she was there for about 4 1/2 hours, and saw medical people for maybe 20 minutes. I said on my post a little over a year ago, that if I ever went to the emergency room again, I would be carried in and not on my own power. While we were at the hospital, I told Tammy how I felt about emergency rooms, and she didn't think it was funny. But after waiting over an hour for x-rays, which she finally declined, she felt the same way I did. She finally told the medical people that she had enough and was going home.

Anyway, we got on our way today and I think Cindy is as glad as I am to get out of the bad air and into somewhere a bit warmer.

We hope to make it to Arizona tomorrow, where we will stay for a few days.

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  1. Hopefully it's nothing serious for Tammy. We didn't have any wait when I took Jim into the ER here in AJ. They got busier after we had were there but nobody waited very long. Glad you guys are getting south and warmer.

  2. It's always a great feeling going from cold inclement weather to a warmer climate. When we leave Ontario each November we go as quickly as we can to get into warmer southern air. Know what you mean by emergency rooms. Had a bad experience with one in a Tucson hospital several years when I went in with a very painful kidney stone. In my opinion emergency rooms are to be avoided if at all possible......