Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cleaning Day

Emerald Cove Resort High 72 Low 43

It was another warm day today with sunshine all day. It started out a little cool, but soon warmed up and then got hot (to us) this afternoon.

I spent most of the morning and early afternoon cleaning the outside of the fiver. There was a lot of dirt on it, even though I pressure washed it while we were home. I used the Solution, which makes it quite a bit easier than trying to clean any other way.

We went for a long walk around the Park and still didn’t make it to the far end either way. This Park is huge.
While we were on our walk, we saw this older Montana that had most of the factory decals gone, but they had put a Thomas Kinkade sticker on one side. We both thought it was interesting because we like his paintings. We stopped and talked to the lady that it belongs to and told her about the Montana Owners Circle in Quartzsite, that we will be at next week. They said they may stop in.

While walking back, the Burros were back and had brought friends with them, for a total of five. We had seen signs about the Burros on the highway coming here, but didn't think much about it, until we saw them last night. They are all looking for a handout, and some got too close to photograph. One of the campers across brought them some celery, and they tried to mob her. They are extremely tame.

Cindy worked on some applique for one of her quilts, while I worked on washing the outside.

Tonight we are busy watching TV. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Be careful, they have bitten some folks up in Oatman..... They are wild and will stop at nothing when they think you have more food in your pockets.... We had one about jump into our car up in South Dakota.....