Thursday, January 16, 2014

Another Day at the Circle

Polmosa BLM Quartzsite, Arizona High 75 Low 43
This morning the ladies got together to make Christmas Spiders. There were quite a few there. Cindy said it wasn't anything she wanted to do. She still has her cold.

At noon we went to La Mesa for their free lunch, which neither one of us cared for very much. Cindy wanted to look at some more of the RVs, but still didn't find one she really liked. We drove around town a little bit, and there seems to be a lot more people now than there was on Monday. We noticed a lot of tents with vendors a little further west of the big tent that I don’t remember being here last year.

This afternoon was kite flying weather, with mild breezes, but only one person had a kite up. He told me it was almost perfect for flying.

This afternoon there was Happy Hour, but not a lot of people showed up.

I got some of the pictures the Drone took and put a couple of them on tonight's post.

We are to the right of the red truck at the bottom of this picture.

Not too much else happening, thanks for visiting.


  1. I wasn't trying to be mean, she just gives me the devil if I try and post her picture on the net..... LOL

    1. Maybe with the new teeth, she's happier to have her picture shown.