Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ready to Travel

Riverton, Utah High 39 Low 21

We had a Happy New Year and hope you had the same. We watched a movie with the kids and then went to bed watching one on TV. At about 10:30 the firecrackers started and didn't let up till about 2:00 (according to Cindy, I slept through most of it).

We spent most of today getting ready to leave tomorrow. About all that is left to load is the stuff that will freeze. We will load that in the morning, and then get on our way heading south, and hopefully somewhere warmer and out of all the haze.

We have a reservation for tomorrow night in St George, then for a few nights in Fort Mohave, Arizona.

I said a few days ago that I would put pictures of a Quilt I had finished as soon as Cindy got the binding done, so I am putting them on tonight.
The picture of the back shows the patterns better.

We are looking forward to traveling this coming year. We hope to meet some of the people we met last year and would like to meet some more.

Thanks for visiting.