Friday, January 10, 2014

Relaxing Day

Emerald Cove Resort High 70 Low 45

The weather couldn't be better. Not too hot or too cold. They are predicting more of the four letter word in Salt Lake. I'm sure glad I'm not there (or in many parts of the US).

We spent most of yesterday just relaxing and catching up on blogs. Cindy squared up a lot of scrap squares she is making into a quilt. This one will be black and white. She spends a lot of time making them out of all the small pieces, but she seems to enjoy making them.

Yesterday afternoon, we decided to drive to the Casino in Parker. They were advertising $10.00 in free slot play with the Players Club. Neither of us are big gamblers, but don't mind playing with their money. LOL Anyway, the free money lasted about 1/2 hour and we left with about $11.00 of their money. I hope it doesn't break the bank, but I'm sure they come out way ahead. They have their own RV Park, yet there were lots of RVs in their lot boondocking. We were both surprised they allow it. I guess they make enough on the rest of the Casino, restaurant, and hotel that it makes up for the boondockers.

We saw lots of Burros on the road back to the RV Park, and the afternoon visitors were back begging for food.

Cindy was feeling what she thought was the start of a cold, so she went to bed early. I stayed up and watched some more TV.

Tomorrow we are going to drive to the County Park north of Parker and visit with the Escapees at the Rally that is starting today. We have been told there is also a flea market and farmers market going on on Saturdays.

We are just laying back enjoying the warm weather. Thanks for visiting.

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