Friday, January 17, 2014

Slow Friday

Polomosa BLM, Quartzsite, Arizona High 75 Low 43

The weather today was perfect.

We stayed in camp all day because Cindy doesn't seem to be getting any better.

This morning we had Mac McCoy, the fire guy give a talk and demonstration on fire extinguishers. He always has good seminars and gives excellent demonstrations. Sorry I forgot to take ant photos.

I installed the power supply for the Jack Antenna I have in place of the factory one hoping we could get better TV reception. It didn't seem to help and we might have too many fivers between us and the direction the signal comes from. I talked to one of the Wagon Masters that is at the east end of the circle and he says he get 20 good channels with the same antenna. He is on the far outside of the circle in the direction the signal comes from.

This afternoon the group had a potluck and there was a lot of good food for everyone. I know I overate and when everyone was finished there was a lot of food left over.

The two in the picture above are John Kohl, the Wagon Master (The bigger of the two) and Dave the Co-Wagon Master.

 This picture is the group that were at the pot-luck.

 Lots of great food!
Other than that we have just been taking it easy reading most of the day.

Thanks for visiting.

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