Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Riverton Bunch in Algodones

Near Yuma, Arizona High 81 Low 53

Some of the Riverton bunch on Tuesday night.
We went over to Algodones again this morning. We waited for our friends from Riverton to come where we are parked, and then drove to the large parking lot. We went into Algodones together and then agreed to meet at the town square later and find a place for lunch.

Tuesday's sunset.

When we got into Algodones, there were a lot more people than yesterday, but we knew that would be the case when we saw how full the parking lot was. Cindy and I were more than a little concerned that getting back into California was going to be a long wait, but more about that later.

We went to the Pharmacia and bought a few more meds. We wanted to get a few more of Cindy’s diabetic pills, so she would have a year’s supply. We also got some antibiotics.

There are jewelry stands everywhere and lots of these spray can artists. Their work looks to be very good. Cindy tried to find a pair of earrings to match her turquoise necklace. She finally found some that matched the necklace pretty well. Cindy likes the kind with posts and not hoops, and not too many of the vendors have the post type earrings.

We went over to the shop where we had our stained glass made for our door glass last year and said hello to Luis, the owner. This picture is of his shop, just down the street from the Purple Pharmicia. 

All are our friends from Riverton.
We then met up with our Riverton friends and went to a restaurant for lunch. There were 10 of us and it was a good meal. We spent quite a while visiting with them. One of the couples are the ones we spent some time with in Alaska last summer.

We left before the rest of them at about 2:30 and were afraid the line to go out would be long, but surprisingly it wasn't bad at all, and we were able to get back to the US in about 20 minutes. Again the customs people didn't seem too concerned about the meds we took out, and all I got was a quick glance into the sack I was carrying.
Cindy's lunch.
My lunch.

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching some old movies, neither of which was very good. I tried to get a good sunset picture, but there weren't enough clouds. This picture is as good as I could get.

This is yesterday's post. I didn't have a good internet connection last night.

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  1. Your lunch sure looks a lot better than the one we had. The line moved right along for us also when we came back into the USA. See ya in Mesa.