Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Circle Enlarges

Polmasa BLM  Quartzsite, Arizona High 73 Low 43

Today was another nice, sunny day. So far we have had very pleasant weather.

Today some Montana’s came in and also the RV Dealer brought 6 new trailers in for people to see. They were all the new models. Some we like parts of, and others had things we did not like. We don’t feel like trading to a newer model. All the new ones are a little darker color than the white they have been in the past. They have also changed the outside graphics and taken away the colored mountains. One even has 2 bathrooms.
At Happy Hour, the dealer brought pizza for everyone. There was a lot of pizza, and I don’t think anyone went away hungry. Afterward we had a singer that sang old Country songs. He was very good.


He was a good singer and knew a lot of country songs. He also sang oldies and easy listening songs.

One of the people here had a little helicopter with a camera. He flew it around taking pictures of the circle. He told me that the camera was 14 megapixels, so his pictures should be very good. There also was a motorized hang-glider the group had asked to take pictures. I would like to get some aerial photos of the Circle.

I got some pictures of Sandi swaying to the music, and one of her and Jim dancing. Everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Cindy is feeling a little better today, and got out a few times, but stayed away from others.

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  1. I have seen those camera drones at RV shows. They look great and I would like to get one.

  2. Sandie is going to kill you..........