Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Water Ski Show

Howe, Indiana          High 75 Low 55

Last night we had a hard rain with thundershower warnings on TV. Does this sound familiar? I think the rain has been following us around. Anyone out there that needs rain? Do You want us to visit? LOL

From looking at my blog list, this is post number 900.

Our last evening in Illinois I went with Linda and my Mother-in-law to see The Backwater Gamblers Waterski show. They got their name from some of the stunts they do. They said they gamble their lives and are willing to try anything once. Cindy’s back was bothering her so she didn’t go. It is held on the Rock River just east of Moline and they do their show Wednesdays and Sundays, weather permitting.
They had several pyramids of skiers coming at us at about 40 miles per hour. It was hard to get good picture because they went by so fast. One group had some younger children carried on the shoulders of the skiers.

My favorite was the jumps, but they didn’t do them very often. I missed the best jump, but Linda was able to get it.
Amazingly, they all landed upright and continued skiing.
One skier started out by us and quickly got up to 60 miles an hour and then kicked off his skis and skied with just his feet before he fell.
The skiers are very good athletes and it was a good was a good way to spend some time.

Notice that they are holding their ropes with their feet.

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  1. I never did water ski. Looks crazy difficult!!! Come visit me - we need the rain!!!