Friday, June 23, 2017

Shipshewana Quilt Show

Howe, Indiana              High 74 Low 58

We had our night and morning rain again. By 11:00 the rain stopped but it stayed cloudy until this evening.

We got a few more pictures of some of the old buildings in the area.

This is the club house for a golf course we drove past.

We went to the Quilt Show in Shipshewana. The Event Center is attached to the Hudson Museum and admission to the Quilt Show also got us into the Museum.
There were a lot of really nice quilts in the show. A few we saw in the Salt Lake Show. When we got there the parking lot was full and when we left it was only half full but more about that later.

This quilt won best in show.

We looked at some of the venders first then went into see the quilts. My favorite was a large embroidery quilt. It didn’t win a prize though.
My personal favorite.
We went in to see the Hudson’s that had a lot of old quilts on them. We sow one that the sign said was sewn in the 1800s. One that Cindy didn’t get picture of was quite worn and was about 150 years old.

 It was in good condition for such an old quilt.

Remember that Truman won!

 I'm glad I wasn't the one counting triangles.

We found one quilt that was made from silk pictures that came packaged with cigarettes. They were included until the First World War, then they lost favor.

It was also interesting to see the old Hudson’s. The front of the Museum had the older ones then worked up until they were no longer produced. The first ones had right hand drive and one 1925 was also right hand drive.

When we got ready to leave, the only road into the parking lot was block by a bus that had turned too soon and got hung up on some rocks so everyone had to drive across the grass to get out. The grass was getting pretty torn up because it was so wet from all the rain.
I guess the driver forgot how long the bus was.
We enjoyed seeing all the quilts and the cars.

Thanks for visiting. 

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  1. Wow ... those quilts!! Some of them are just amazing ... and WAY too many pieces for me!!