Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Amana, Iowa      High 93 Low 73

We went to Pappajohns, the sculpture park not the Pizza store. It is a small Park in downtown Des Moines. Several people have a strange sense of what is art. One of the unnamed sculptures was labeled simply painted steel, another unpainted one said simply steel.

There were 2 sculptures that looked like they were made from sticks, but were cast aluminum. These were really interesting.

The horses are actually cast aluminum mad to look like sticks. I had to get right up to them to tell they weren't wood.
We then went to the Historical Museum which is located about 1 block from the State Capitol Building. 
Notice the scaffolding around the Capitol Dome.
This was a huge building with lots of interesting history divided into different sections. I was especially interested in the Civil War section. It was tied into the hero and men from Iowa that had served in the War.

1850 Quilt.

There was lots of hand stitching. It must have taken a long time.

We thought this was a very unique souvenir.

 We watched a movie about the Andersonville prison last week.

Civil War era artificial limbs.

I learned that General Sherman, of Sherman’s march to the sea, was from Iowa. We had read before about all the death from disease and unsanitary conditions.

Other displays showed natural history and one section told of the film stars that were born in Iowa. 

1920s swimming suit.

Another old quilt.

From World War I.

 After the Museum Cindy and I went to see quilt stores around the area. We liked this shop because of being in an old building. It is outside of Des Moines.
Today we drove to the Amana Colonies and of course visited the Quilt Stores. We are staying at the RV Park at Amana overnight.

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