Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Things Around Shipshewana

Howe, Indiana            High 78 Low 65

Sure enough, we had some more rain last night. It didn’t last very long however. Today so far has been nice but more rain is forecast for tonight.

We went to the Rise n Roll Bakery a little ways from us. We like their apple butter and other snacks. We had an apple fritter for breakfast along with a lot of samples.

These caramel cinnamon doughnuts are the best.
We went to the Flea Market in Shipshewana for a little while. The traffic in town was awful and there were lots of people looking at all the stuff. We didn’t get away without buying something.

We had found out that there was a Montana tour in Goshen in the afternoon and I thought it would be interesting. Actually it was OK, but not great.

This new step folds easily into the opening. The drawback is that it would be in the way and would have to be cleaned every time you fold it to inside the RV.

The round black circles are outside speakers for the outside TV.

The red tape is for something that needs to be fixed. Nobody on the tour could see why it was there.
We got to see the various stages of construction from frame to finished product. The model we were shown of the finished trailer wasn’t a floor plan that we cared for. The guide said it was popular, just not for us. He told us that they finish 20 Montana’s a day. That seems like a lot but Montana is supposed to be the number one selling fifth wheel.

We are seeing lot of Amish buggies around the area, and we saw a farmer working in his field with his horses.

It is interesting that all the stores in Shipshewana have hitching posts for the horses. One business had a free manure sign with a pile they have cleaned up from the horses.

We will be here until next Monday.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. You aren't staying around until the Montana Rally in September?

  2. If I lived there, I'd have a horse and buggy, even though I'm not Amish!!

  3. Rise and roll - love that bakery. Always too many people at the Flea Market for us. It's interesting to see how they build the rigs but there just isn't much on the way of quality control.