Saturday, November 29, 2014

Staying Busy, But Not Getting Much Done

Riverton, Utah High 61 Low 37

It has been unseasonably warm. Yesterday there was a new record high in Salt Lake City for the date. Today felt nice although windy.

I pretty much avoided Black Friday. Cindy went to Sears to buy me a Christmas present she wanted to surprise me with, but when she went to pay for it with her check for some reason they check was rejected and she had to use the Credit Card. When I called Wells Fargo, they told me there was no reason the check wouldn't clear and Sears must have had a glitch. Cindy had plenty of money in her account. Needless to say Sears ruined her surprise.

We went to the store where we bought the freezer on Monday. They were advertising a remote control car for $7.00 with qualifying purchase. The salesman that sold me the freezer said they would let us have the car because they have a 30 day price guarantee and the car was part of that guarantee. That made us happy along with the free hot dogs they were having for lunch.

Today we had to go to one of the quilt stores we shop at. They were advertising their close out fabric for $3.99 a yard. Cindy found some colors she wanted and we were ready to have it measured, when they brought a pile of batiks into the clearance room. For $3.99 a yard we couldn't turn some of it down. We never see batiks for that price.

This afternoon I started quilting Cindy’s Santa Claus quilt. It is going to take a while to get it finished.

That’s about all that’s going on. Thanks for visiting.

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