Thursday, November 6, 2014

Biloxi Visitor Center and Wooden Sculptures

Biloxi, Mississippi High 73 Low 48

Today we drove in to the Visitor Center in Biloxi. It is also a museum, but it looks more like a southern mansion. It is located across the highway from a light house.

We learned more about the wooden sculptures by the artist Marlin Miller. After Hurricane Katrina, a lot of the old trees along the coast were broken off and killed, so he spent three years sculpting the broken trees into works of art using a chain saw. He carved over 40 trees stretching 40 miles along US Highway 90 into works of art. We only got to see a few of them, but they are very nice.

We also took Penny to play on the beach and she had fun again. The Visitor Center told us that if we wished, we could bring Penny into the building and museum and that if she had any accidents we were to let them know and they would get it cleaned up. Talk about southern hospitality.

Outside the Visitor Center there is a statue of Pierre Le Moyne Sieur d’Iberville, a young Canadian sent by King Louis XIV to find the mouth of the Mississippi River. His explorations in 1699 led to the colonization of the Mississippi coast and the Louisiana Territory.

The sculptures and Visitor Center made an interesting day.

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  1. We were in Biloxi three days ago, but did not go to the visitor center-next time we will:)