Friday, November 21, 2014

Almost Home

Moab, Utah High 52 Low 30

Last night we stayed at Walmart in Gallup, New Mexico. It was a good place to stop with one exception. We were approached by more pan-handlers asking for money than I have ever seen in my lifetime. Cindy was a lot nervous about them and so she asked one of the truckers about it and he told her not to worry too much. He said they were good people that wanted money for a drink. After it got dark and cold they stopped coming around.

We left early this morning and got a few sun-rise photos. We hadn't gone too far down the highway when we got passed by an ambulance going very fast the way we were going. We got about 5 more miles and there was a school bus wrecked on the side of the road surrounded by lots of police and fire fighters. After we continued on, another ambulance was coming from the other direction. We don’t know how many got hurt.

These are some pictures of the scenery through New Mexico.

When we got to Shiprock, we turned off the main highway and went to the Four Corners Monument. It is the first time we had been there and it was interesting standing on four states at one time. There were lots of little booths for vendors and it turned out we were there barely ahead of a bus load of tourists. In spite of the commercialism, we were glad we went to see the Monument.

When we got to Cortez, Colorado, I took a wrong turn and was trying to find a way to turn around and I spotted a fabric store. The truck automatically found a place to park and we went to see the store. lol Cindy found some close outs on patterns and bought a few.

We then continued on our way to Moab and the terrain started to turn to red rocks. We got some pictures of the scenery and even one arch. Of Utah National Parks, Arches and Bryce are my personal favorites. If we were going to stay in the area, we probably would go see Arches National Park, but we have already seen it, and since we are this close to home we are anxious to get there before the snow storm hits that is predicted for tomorrow night.

Tourist trap.
Wilson Arch
After we got set up at the OK RV Park,, Cindy wanted to go see her friend Verna at the school bus garage in Moab. They visited for a while and we found out there was a fabric store in Moab, so we had to go see it. Meanwhile, Verna went home and got a tile she had made for Cindy for her retirement. We have used similar tiles to make some tables for our patio at home.


A little humor at the quilt store.

A few more pictures of Penny chewing on her giant chew bone.

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    1. I see Penny's hair is growing out ... she's such a cutie!! I was at four corners at about age 16 ... there was nothing there but a dirt parking lot and a small plaque on the ground!! Have always wanted to return to Bryce and Arches ... are there any good RV parks around?

  2. Four corners is somewhere everyone needs to experience.