Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We Are in Texas

Cleveland, Texas High 54 Low 34

We had rain last night in Camp Walmart and it was chilly. We got a fairly early start for us to the next park in Texas.

We both thought we were in the south to get warm, but so far it has been really cold. It looks like we need to get to Arizona to get any warm weather.

On the way here we had about five miles of barely creeping along. After we got to where the delay was, we saw a semi-trailer on its side. There also was a large motor home with the back wrecked. There also was a pickup with a lot of damage, but I don’t know if it was the motor homes toad. The big delay was right after the Welcome Center.

This Park is called the Preserve of Texas. It is probably the largest Park we have ever been in. It seems to go on for miles, but that might not be true. There are a few things here we want to check out.

While we were on the way to the RV site, we saw several deer including one buck, but we weren't 
able to get his picture.

 When I opened the electrical box to plug it there were 5 or 6 lizards inside,I imagine keeping out of the cold wind.

Each smaller area has its own swimming pool. There are several lakes in this Park and a river going past one side.

From the entry to our site is about a mile. We are where you see the black circle on the lower right.
We will be here two nights, but are so far from anything that we will just relax and explore the RV Park tomorrow.

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  1. Traffic problems can really set you back. We had a couple check in to our park in San Antonio today. They said when they came through Houston I-10 was closed. They didn't know why. Took them a long time to get around the city.

    Where is the Preserve of Texas park? It looks beautiful.

    1. It is located 16 miles east of Cleveland on Texas 105.