Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Riverton, Utah High 48 Low 36

Today was a nice sunny day and was not too cold.

We got our new freezer last evening and it seems to be working well. At least Cindy has started to put stuff in it.

Today I hauled a load of stuff we were no longer using to the charity store. It is always good to get rid of stuff, especially what you are no longer using or have no intention of using again.

Since we have been home I got one of the quilts finished that Cindy pieced while we were gone. She made a lot of them and I am so far behind.

I finally found a place on line that makes the type of tool box I want for the back of the truck and they don’t charge a lot extra to make it in the size I want. The only thing is, it comes from Mitchell, South Dakota and probably won’t get here until after we leave for Arizona.

I am trying to take Rod’s advice about an RV Park for February, but haven’t heard back from them. I talked to Sandi about which ones were nicer (and affordable) in Apache Junction. With the holiday, I don’t expect to hear from them until the first of the week.

We both made our Doctor appointments for next week, and then there will be one more thing taken care of. Hopefully there are no problems.

We got some pictures of the sunset tonight and the snow covered mountains. The sunsets aren't as pretty as Arizona.

Again, have a happy holiday and don’t spend all your money on Black Friday.

Thanks for visiting.