Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Pictures

Marianna, Florida High 63 Low 36

Last night it got cold enough that I had to turn on the heater. Today was sunny, but cold.

We went for a walk through the Park at about dusk and Cindy got some nice pictures of the trees in the lake by the RV Park. It looks like pictures of the Everglades. We saw several small fish in the water. 

There was a young man fishing from one of the piers. He caught one, but while doing something, the fish managed to get off the dock back into the water. We were close enough to hear his disappointment.

We took Penny with us and she got so cold and was shivering so much that I put her into my jacket. She sure has got it made.
Tomorrow we go further west into Alabama, where we will stay for two nights, and then on to Mississippi.

We are slowly headed toward home and are now down to only one month. After Christmas we plan on spending some time in Arizona.

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