Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Biloxi, Mississippi High 73 Low 64

Today we had a fairly short drive to near Biloxi. We only drove west for 2 hours, but we are headed toward home.We are staying at the Martin Lake Resort. We plan on being here for three nights. There are a few things we want to see while we are here.

After we came into Mississippi, there is an Information Center on the Interstate. I went in first and got some information on Biloxi and Cindy wasn't going to go into the Information Center but was only going to use the rest room. I told her she needed to see the Center, as it wasn't like any other we have ever been in.

It almost looks like a museum inside. It is very elaborate and even had curtains on the upstairs windows.The stairway to the second floor looked like you might find in a very expensive home.

Cindy had to take a few pictures.
You can't tell from this picture, but the windows in the three dormers have curtains on them.

This Park is OK, but nothing special. All the sites have concrete where you park your camper, but they are a touch short to park the fifth wheel and the truck. They are level and all the roads are paved.There is a lot of what look like full time people and there are even two FEMA trailers in the Campground. The lady in the office is very nice and answered any questions I asked. For the amount of sites, there is only one rest room, which might not be enough for almost 150 spaces.

The price was right though. With 50 amps and cable TV, it cost me just under $5.00 a day with Coast to Coast. There is also free internet in the whole Park and it is even fast.

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  1. Mississippi has the friendliest welcome centers and they love RVers. They can answer any question on the state even down to the size of the parking lots.

  2. I see you have a photo of Elvis today. Were you close to Tupilo? Sounds like you had a pretty nice day!

    1. We are on the Gulf Coast. Tupelo will have to wait for another trip.