Monday, November 10, 2014

The Tastes of Louisiana

Abita Springs, Louisiana High 72 Low 57

We went for a walk in the RV Park and got a few more pictures. The sky was perfectly clear. We got a picture of a turtle sunning itself on a small log. The Park is nice with all the trees.       

Today we wanted to go try some Beignets, a type of fried bread with powdered sugar on it. They are made like scones, but are a lot smaller and a little sweeter. The only place we could find close by that had them was about 15 minutes away. They were good and we took advantage of their free Wi-Fi while we were there.

Must have been good.

There was a quilt store nearby and we felt compelled to go check it out. They had a lot of nice patterns and material that reflects the New Orleans feel. Cindy did buy some patterns, but no material. The lady in the fabric store was very helpful and as we were leaving she asked us if we had tried any of the New Orleans food. We told her we had, but were willing to try some more, so she suggested a sandwich shop that was nearby that had the best onion rings and po boy sandwiches you could ever want.
It was time for a late lunch, so we decided to try it. She was right; the onion rings were the best ever. When we went to order, the man taking our order suggested a small order, instead of the large I was going to order. He told us that small was usually enough for two people. When we got the order, we were glad for his recommendation. The small order was huge, and the shrimp po boy we shared was very filling. It was a lot better sandwich than the one we had in Bolixi.
This is small? Sure glad we didn't order large.

After lunch we stopped at a store and museum called H J Smith’s. It has been in business since 1876 at the same location. I’m not sure if the building is original, but it sure felt like it. It has a lot of old things in the museum, including an old gap pump, two miniature carriages made to be pulled by goats. I read on the tag about them that the goats sometimes didn't want to co-operate and would lie down in the road.

We spent what we thought was a pleasant day.

Thanks for visiting.

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