Sunday, November 9, 2014

Swimming With the Ducks

Abita Springs, Louisiana High 68 Low 46

We just relaxed today, so I am putting some pictures of the RV Park on today’s post.

We went for a walk earlier this afternoon with Penny. We came to a place where there were several ducks. Penny bothered them and they got into the water. Penny put her paw into the water, stepped back a little way, and jumped into the lake after the ducks. She swam around a little bit, then got out of the water. We were totally not expecting her to get in the water as much as she seems to hate baths.

This is where Penny jumped in the lake, and the ducks below are some of the ones she was swimming after.

When we got back to the trailer, we decided to give Penny a bath. She hated it as usual. What a funny puppy.

I found another little group of ducks that had 3 babies with them. Kind of cute. 

This Park seems to have a lot of squirrels. When I got this one's picture, it ran up the tree so fast I couldn't watch it. I did get it's picture on a branch way up high.

Tomorrow we have a couple of museums to see that are nearby.

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  1. That's too funny!!! Cooper is the same ... he will run through every mud puddle and into every pond. Even the ocean didn't bother him ... but get close to that sink or bathtub and it's another story!!