Thursday, November 13, 2014

Campground Photos

Cleveland, Texas High 45 Low 28

It rained all night and has been cloudy and windy most of the day. About 4 o’clock this afternoon it finally got up to 45 degrees and the wind quit.

We drove through part of this Park to see the beach and river. It looks like it would be a nice area if it were a warm day. This Park, the Preserve of Texas, is located 16 miles east of Cleveland on Texas route 105. It is huge. I decided to clock how far from the camper we drove and went just over 2 miles and the main road goes on. We are here with Coast to Coast.

We saw lots of deer today. We saw part of the lake that looks like the everglades. There are several houses built here that are built way up in the air. We wondered why. There are a lot of sold signs along the way, so they must be selling some sites.

Tomorrow we leave for Columbus, Texas for one night at a Thousand Trails Park, then on to a Park near San Antonio. We are staying there 3 nights. I have never seen the Alamo and that is on the to do list.

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  1. Where will you be staying near San Antonio. Maybe we could find a time to meet.

    Travelers World RV Resort 3-1/2 miles south of downtown is where I work and live.My days off are Sunday through Tuesday.