Saturday, November 1, 2014

Going West

Marianna, Florida High 57 Low 36

Today was as cold as we have had for a long time. Whenever we stopped, we had to wear jackets. Poor little penny shivered every time we took her out. It is warmer in Salt Lake City for the second day in a row. It was a little windy and while we were north bound, it wasn't the best driving. After we turned west on Interstate 10 the wind was a head wind, which made better  driving conditions, but I’m sure the truck didn't get very good mileage.

We made it to the Arrowhead RV Park. It cost just over $20.00 a night using Passport America. It is a nice park with large sites. It doesn't look to be very full. When I called about it last week, I was told to just come in as they would have plenty of room. When I checked in, the lady checking us in told me to take my choice of 10 or so 50 amp sites. This Park is a real RV Park and not just a place to stop overnight like the one last night.

We are located about one hour west of Tallahassee. Cindy told me it now fills like we are headed home (at least we are headed in the right direction). The weather is almost the same as at home. LOL

We will stay here 2 nights and just hang out, then stay in Alabama for 3 nights.

I’m not looking forward to the drive across Texas. It looks like it is over 875 miles on Interstate 10 before it goes into New Mexico. I have never seen the Alamo and hope to be able to when we get near San Antonio.

We will be staying at an RV Park near New Orleans and want to see a little of the town while we are in Louisiana.  

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  1. Texas is incredibly big and incredibly boring. Fort Stockton is the place to stop for the night on your way through the boredom.