Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Gulf Shores

Robertsdale, Alabama high 72 Low 57

Today we decided to drive to Gulf Shores, first to check out the only quilt store in the area, and second to let Penny play on the beach.

The quilt store was unique in that it was the basement floor of the owner’s home. Actually it was at ground level and she lived on the second floor. We have been surprised at the lack of quilt stores in this part of the country. There are about 25 in the whole state of Alabama. We have more than that in just the Salt Lake Valley. (One store told me Salt Lake is the quilting capital of the US.)

We then drove a little further south and found the beach at Gulf Shores, Alabama. It is the furthest south point in Alabama. The beach is a nice white sand beach and as usual, Penny had a good time digging in the sand. This time she would dig a hole then put her face in the hole, all the while she was watching the surf to make sure she didn't get wet.






On the way to the beach we passed Lambert’s Café, the home of the throwed rolls. We thought about going there for an early dinner on the way back from the beach. Cindy told me she was going to open a can of soup for dinner or I could stop at Lambert’s, my choice. What do you think she wanted to do?To make a long story short, we stopped at Lambert’s.

We have been to the other two Lambert’s in Missouri, and knew they had good food and lots of it. If you leave there hungry, it’s your own fault. We filled up on the pass arounds, eating very little of the meal. We took home enough food for two more meals. The hot rolls were delicious with the apple butter they passed around.


All the waiters were very friendly!


Tomorrow we are diving about an hour west to Biloxi, Mississippi. We are going to stay there for 3 nights to kind of relax.

This is the first speed limit sign you see coming into the RV Park we are staying in.

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  1. Penney just gets cuter and cuter. Soup or Lambers - tough decision.

  2. Yes, I had to think really hard, given those choices, but Lambert's won out over the soup.