Saturday, November 22, 2014

We Came Home to The Awful Four Letter Word

Riverton, Utah High 43 Low 27

When we left Moab it was 26 degrees. I had put the hoses away last night based on the forecast. I was glad that I had.

We got an early start and went down I70 to a part of the state we have never seen before. Some of the scenery is spectacular. I am going to wait until tomorrow to put the pictures Cindy took on the post.

When we got about 100 miles from home it started to rain, but stopped for a while. On the way we stopped at Cindy’s oldest daughter’s new home. They have been in it less than a month and we wanted to see it. It turned out really nice. After visiting for a while, we headed home.

We started to unload the fiver, and got a lot done, but there is a lot left to do. Cindy told me that she was glad to be home, but probably be ready to leave again in a month.

It started to rain really hard and after a while the four letter word (snow) showed up. It is predicted to snow for the next 2 days.

Penny has been busy smelling all the new smells and been busy visiting the kids.

This evening I gave her a bath which, as usual, she hated. But, now she is nice and soft again.

I do have some pictures to post, but to be honest; I am worn out from all the driving and unloading.

Thanks for visiting.

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