Monday, December 1, 2014

Doctors and Truck Repairs

Riverton, Utah High 50 Low 32

Today Cindy and I both went to the Doctor. Cindy went to have her blood taken so she could have the results for her Doctor on Friday.

I went to get my usual check-up and get my prescriptions refilled. I have slightly elevated blood pressure and that is what one of the meds I'm taking is for. When we get to Yuma, we will fill most of the meds in Algodones. The Doctor told me other than that I should loose some weight I'm in pretty good shape. With Cindy as good a cook as she is, the loosing weight part is going to be a problem. The Doctor I went to see also wanted to have blood work done, so I didn't get to avoid the vampires. I got my flu shot while I was there.

I took the truck to the repair shop to have it serviced and to see if they could find a transmission oil leak I've had for a while. Also the left front tire has been wearing funny. They found a loose tie rod and idler arm. The repairman says that is why the tire is wearing funny. He blamed some of it on the rough roads we took the truck over in Alaska and Canada last year. Could be, but I jokingly asked him "What rough roads?". Even though I tried to drive slow, some of the roads were terrible. The oil leak turned out being one of the transmission cooler lines and it will have to be replaced because of the way it was built.

I have been trying to take Rod's and Sandi's advice on finding an RV Park in Apache Junction and finally got hold of two of the nicer ones there. But unfortunately they didn't have anything to offer us in February, One of them because I guess they don't like dogs and only have a small area of their park that they allow dogs. Sandi had already forewarned me about their policy, but I had to try. So we probably will spend February in Wellington which is a little ways away from Yuma. Some of our friends are staying at the Park I talked to and they still have openings.

Sorry to our friends in Apache Junction and Casa Grande, but we will still see you when we go to visit Scott in Phoenix, and maybe in Quartzsite while we are there. We will be in Quartzsite most of January.

I also made a reservation for a week at North Ranch for the end of March during Bead Week. It is something Cindy has wanted to do since we were there last year and hopefully we get to see some of our friends while we are there.

I'm still working on the Santa Quilt, but might have to stop and do some of the others that are needed for Christmas. Cindy knew it was going to take a lot of time and since it is our's, there is no big hurry to get it done, after all she has been working on the embroidery work for several years.

The kids like Penny and she likes them, but she seems to like everyone she meets.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Sorry you couldn't get in anywhere around here. Maybe next year???

  2. Sounds like you all are very busy with the appointments and the quilting and getting work done on the truck. Looking forward to seeing what the quilt(s) look like.

  3. Can we have some quilt pictures?? I've never been to Casa Grande ... any recommendations on places to stay there for a couple weeks??